Frigidaire Ultra ULTRAWF PureSource 241791601 Fridge Water Filter

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1. PureSource Ultra Refrigerator Water Filter for Select Electrolux & Frigidaire Refrigerators
2. Compatible with Frigidaire Gallery and Professional side-by-side and French door refrigerators
3. Removes chlorine taste and odor from ice and water, ensures clean, great-tasting drinks.
4. Up to 6 month or 200 gallon capacity for long-lasting use.
5. Offers a precise, leak-proof fit with easy installation
6. Superior Filtration – Efficient contaminants reduction-chlorine taste, odor, sediment, dirt, rust,turbidity,heavy metals and harmful sediments will be furthest reduced by activated carbon.
Refreshing Water
Certified to NSF 42 for the reduction of chlorine, taste and odor in tap water, the filters produce fresh and great tasting water.
Eco-Friendly Material
Characterized by porous structure and high absorption ability, the advanced coconut shell carbon block filters are NSF 53 certified to capture specific heavy metals, microbes and VOCs.
Replacement filters for
242017800, 242017801, 46-9999, 9999, A0094E28261, PS2364646, ULTRA-WF, ULTRAWF
Installation Steps
1. Turn off the icemaker (using the power switch)
2. Push the end of the old filter straight in until it clicks (and releases)
3. Slide the old filter straight out and discard (don’t worry, the water will shut off automatically)
4. Push the new filter straight in until it clicks (and snaps into place)
5. Turn the ice maker back on
6. Flush the system by running the dispenser for 3 minutes
7. Reset your ‘change filter’ light


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